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Every day engineers and designers are faced with the challenge of finding the form that allows them to maximize resistance using the least possible amount of material. Simultaneously, they need to add an endless number of features and all at the lowest possible cost. This is possible using the extrusion technique, which allows complex shapes to be obtained at a reasonable cost.
  • Among other alloys we work with:
  • •UNE-755
  • •TL 116 EN-VAG
  • •WSS-M2A177-Ford
  • Stamping

    In a similar way to steel, with aluminum it is possible to manufacture stamped parts, either from sheet metal or from extruded profiles.


    A simple technique for obtaining certain geometries is bending. At least the techniques are the ones used:
  • •Shape bending
  • •Roll bending
  • •Strech bending
  • Milling

    Using centers of 4 or 5 axes, according to necessity, we can get any kind of shape in one single operation.


    Welding is one of the methods of joining to join different parts. Depending on the case it is possible to employ several methods of welding. We basically use TIG.

    Others Technologies

  • •Bonding
  • •Finishing
  •   •Polishing
  •   •Anodizing
  •   •Painting
  • •Pasivation
  • Experience in Advanced proccess

    Our experience has led us to overcome the most difficult challenges. Using the latest manufacturing technologies and our knowledge of aluminum we have come to offer products to first class customers.

    The use of in-house software and knowledge about the different aluminum alloys, make us solve technical problems more efficiently and quickly.

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